Hoist IMER AP 150

It simplifies assembly operations and provides particular technical solutions which differentiate it from traditional hoists. After having put the hoist at the
foot of the structure, during use it is sufficient to move the swivelling bracket into the desired position. Versatility and high resistance of the swivelling bracket
to atmospheric agents: equipped with quick attachment, adaptors for various types of scaffolds and work positioning lever, it can be also applied at halfstructure using the optional scaffold attachment.
Common Characteristics
• Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor
• Direct control with 3-pushbutton IP65 5-m pendant control
• Swivelling bracket
• Upper limit safety device
• Self-braking motor with magnetic device
Technical Data
Maximum capacity150  kg
Av. Full Load Lifting Speed30  m/min
Max. Working Height40  m
Steel Rope Diameter4  mm
Motor220/50  V/Hz
Power0.8  kW
Dimensions W/L/H355/570/330  mm
Weight50  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications