Handheld Combi-Shears Darda

Cutting, breaking and expanduing with one unit.
Common Characteristics
The Combi - Shears are equipped with updated shears and jaw sets and are especially designed for inside demolition jobs.
The Combi - Shears are available in four different versions based on a modular system - one main body with four interchangeable tools.
A complete Combi - Shears unit consists of one or more Combi- Shears, high and low pressure hoses and also a hydraulic power unit.
The Combi - Shears are an optimal complement to the Darda Splitters. They can both be connected to a Darda hydraulic power unit.
Hydraulic Combi – Shears.
Accurately breaks concrete and massonry.
Separates a wide range of materials.
Cuts metal, cables, Wood, metal sections, iron rods, etc.
Capeable of many demolition Jobs inside buildings.
Performs virtually free of vibration.
Nearly dust and noise free.
Light and easy to handle.
Quick and productive.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications