Common Characteristics
The Brokk 60II is the perfect solution for safe, efficient demolition in very confined spaces. Its combination of small size and lightweight power works wonders in places where it was previously impossible to do mechanized demolition work. Compared to its older brother, the Brokk 50, the 60II boosts productivity by 25% with a stronger breaker, faster movement, new control system and smaller profile. The low weight makes it ideal for indoor work on weak floors, and it can be transported in an ordinary passenger elevator.
Technical Data
Weight500  kg
Minimum width590  mm
Minimum height874  mm
Engine power5.5  Kw
Recommended max. Weight of the attachment80  kg
Maximum vertical access with tool3.1  m
Maximum horizontal access with tool2.5  m
Noise level90  dB(A)
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications