Common Characteristics
The Brokk 800P is the heavy industry champion of the Brokk family. With a weight of 11 tons, 360 degree arm rotation and a reach measuring an incredible 10 meters, it’s a game changer for metal processing applications. The Brokk 800P has an unparalleled capacity for heavy, demanding demolition and maintenance work. Its precision operation makes sure no unwanted damage occurs. When equipped with Brokk’s unique process breaker with heat and impact protection, it’s unmatched in its ability to handle hot ladles, converters, runners and furnace work.
Technical Data
Weight11 300  kg
Minimum width2200  mm
Minimum height2647  mm
Engine power45  Kw
Recommended max. Weight of the attachment600  kg
Maximum vertical access with tool10.1  m
Maximum horizontal access with tool9.6  m
Noise level99 / 103  dB(A)
Freezing point-40  C
Fuel tank capacity80  l
Engine oil volume13.2  l
Coolant volume9  l
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications