Compact Motorised Free Screeder Belle MidiScreed 200

Honda Petrol engine

A 2m wide motorised screed designed to assist in the levelling and vibrating of concrete pours. The MidiScreed 200 features a mechanism that allows the screed to be pushed and pulled across the surface of a concrete pad. The 2m reinforced beam also vibrates to remove air from the concrete.
Common Characteristics
Designed for quick and easy form-free-screeding.
Vibrates to improve concrete compaction and surface finish.
Tilting head allows screeding in either direction.
Easily disassembled for ease of transportation.
Technical Data
Weight19  kg
Power0.71  kW
Speed Range7000  rpm
Machine Width398  mm
Machine Height408  mm
Vibration2.3  kN
Beam Width2000  mm mm
Handle Length2000  mm