Electric High Frequency Poker Belle BGN Plus 70

High performance pokers using the latest technology to give safe and reliable performance. A low voltage but high frequency electric supply powers a vibration motor in the poker head.
A converter is required to adapt the standard mains supply to the right voltage and frequency. For efficiency and reliability BGN pokers should be used with BGF converters.
Common Characteristics
Safe low voltage (42v) system
Very low maintenance
Powerful vibration specification
High visibility in-line switch
10m of cable to the switch
5m of abrasion resistant hose to the poker
Can be used with most 42v, 200hz 3 phase supplies (Always check that the supply current is sufficient)
Technical Data
Needle diameter65  mm
Needle length430  mm
Centrifugal force6670  N
Weight18  kg
Action Diameter520  mm
Supply Current13.2  A