High Frequency Electronic Poker Belle VIBRATECH

VIBRATECH - 230V 50HZ, diameter 38, 52 or 58 mm
Common Characteristics
Serious, reliable, high frequency electric vibrators designed for the toughest conditions on the site. Vibratech uses a built-in converter that eliminates the need for an additional external power source.
Choice of 10m. or 7m. wear-resistant hose to the head for deeper penetration.
15m. power cable.
Simple and robust design for reliable operation.
Long motor life (virtually no maintenance required).
Summer, monolithic, aluminum housing with bevelled edges.
Environmentally friendly product, no emissions.
Technical Data
Length of the hose7 / 10  m
Needle diameter38/52/58  mm
Needle length330/382/410  mm
Centrifugal force1825/3420/5075  N
Turns12000  rpm
Weight12/17/19  kg
Supply Current1.3/1.5/1.5  A