Imer Syntesi 350 concrete mixers

Designed and built to solve the typical problems of traditional concrete mixers.
The transmission system inserted in the arm and the convenient worm screw tilting system make it noiseless and lightweight, and at the same time sturdy and reliable.
Common Characteristics
Standard Equipment
Single-phase 230V/50Hz motor (all models) - IP55 switch and no-volt coil
Version with Subaru Robin EX 17DU / SP 170 petrol engine 4.2 kW(Syntesi 190, 250, 350), unleaded petrol feed
Transmission system with high resistance belt and steel gears in oil bath that are maintenance-free
Movement towbar
Technical Data
Drum capacity345  l
Batch output280  l
Drum diameter823  mm
Rotations24  rpm
Weight175  kg
Electric motor power rate1.4  kW
Petrol engine power4.2  kW
Machine dimensions with el. motor L x H x W930x1610x1600  mm
Machine dimensions with petrol engine L x H x W930x1920x1600  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications