Pro trowels Belle

Trowels with foldable handle

Designed to provide contractors with the features and performance they need. These machines are used for long periods so the Pro Trowel gives improved operator comfort and easy control. Smooth running helps achieve a high quality finish.

Lightweight Pro 900M GX160 Honda
Lightweight Pro 900M GX160 Honda/Foldable Handle
Lightweight Pro 900M EX17 Robin
Lightweight Pro 900M EX17 Robin/Foldable Handle
Lightweight Pro 900M GX270 Honda
Lightweight Pro 900M GX270 Honda/Foldable Handle
Pro 1200M GX270 Honda
Pro 1200M GX270 Honda/Foldable Handle
Pro 1200M EX27 Robin
Pro 1200M EX27 Robin/Foldable Handle
Common Characteristics

Designed for continuous use on large floors
Advanced drive belt gives constant power
Two year warranty on gearboxes
Accurate screw adjusted pitch control
Engine cut out, stops the trowel safely
Minimum effort required to hold the &'dead man' safety lever
Comfort bar to cushion the operator's hip
Chrome plated rings for easy cleaning
Central lifting point
Trowels PRO 900/1200 delivered with combination blades
Sliding ring guards are available on 1200 models only