Тrench Rammer Belle RТX 68

Тrench Rammer RТX 68, GX 100 Honda engine.
Common Characteristics
The new models feature the following benefits:
More compact safety frame for working in narrow channels.
Smaller vibrations on the hands.
Double fuel filtration system.
Fits with narrower dimensions as well as wooden and plastic base are available.
Technical Data
Weight70  kg
HONDA gasoline engine - power2.3  kW
Fuel tank2.5  l
Vibration frequency10  Hz
Strength stroke16  kN
Number of strokes per minute450-600  bpm
Stroke on the plunger52  mm
Noise level108  (dB(A))
Dimensions345/705/1040  mm
Heel width280  mm
Length of the heel335  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications