Тrench Rammer Belle RТX 68R

Тrench Rammer RТX 68R, new GXR 120 Honda engine.

Other models available:
RTX 50 Honda GX100 Petrol 230mm Foot
RTX 60 Honda GX100 Petrol 165mm Foot
RTX 60 Honda GX100 Petrol 230mm Foot
RTX 60 Honda GX100 Petrol 280mm Foot
RTX 68R Honda GXR120 Petrol 280mm Foot
RTX 70R Honda GXR120 Petrol 280mm Wooden Foot
RTX 80D Yanmar L48 Diesel 280mm Foot
Common Characteristics
• Xtra power for use on cohesive materials & gradients.
• Xtra strong, durable design.
• Low Hand-Arm Vibration.
• Honda GXR 120 petrol engine.
• Triple-Filtration Air Cleaner System.
• Duel-Filtration Fuel System.
• Swing-Out engine protection for easy access to maintenance points.
• Carburettor Primer Bulb for easy start in any conditions.
• Low-maintenance leg with Oil Level Sight Glass.
• Lower Grab Handle and Front Roller for easy transportation. Both easily replaceable.
• Wooden, Plastic & Extension Foot options, with various widths available.
• Service Kits available.
• Wheel Kit & Transport Trolley options available.
• Hourmeter option available.
Technical Data
Weight70  kg
HONDA gasoline engine - power2.7  kW
Fuel tank2.5  l
Vibration frequency11  Hz
Strength stroke16  kN
Number of strokes per minute450-660  bpm
Stroke on the plunger52  mm
Noise level108  (dB(A))
Dimensions345/705/1040  mm
Heel width280  mm
Length of the heel335  mm