Heavyweight Plate Compactor BELLE PCX 450

Professional compaction plates with low Hand Arm Vibration and very high performance compaction. The PCX is designed to offer maximum compaction and is engineered for contracting and rental use.
PCX 450 - Honda
Common Characteristics
Plates with unique features for safety, performance and stylish looks.
High priority is given to healthy and safe conditions with low vibration on the hands.
Patented handle design.
Faster speed - to increase productivity.
Low hand-arm vibration - for operator health and safety.
Engine protection frame - also provided for lifting.
Foldable handle - compact size for transport and storage.
Optimum vibration 16.5kN power at 92Hz.
Possibility to install a water tank.
Plate with rounded edges and integrated spray bar.
Technical Data
Weight96  kg
HONDA gasoline engine - power3  kW
Fuel tank2  l
Strength stroke16.5  kN
Noise level105  (dB(A))
Dimensions1040/450/696  mm
Water tank12  l
Travel speed23  m/min