Polymer Film Coat Renovation Machine Schwamborn ES 545

ES 545, 230V/50Hz, 2000 Watt Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
ES 545 – Polymer film coat renovation
High-Speed combination with integrated dust control for dry cleaning, polishing and polymer film coat removal on vinyl and linoleum floors.
Polishing, spray cleaning, polymer film coat renovation, dust control.
High area coverage
Very low noise level
Up to 50 % cost savings possible
Ergonomical in operation
Integrated dust control
Technical Data
Engine2500  W
Turns per minute441  rpm
Working width460  mm
Weight50.5  kg
Noise level58  dB(A)
Torque43  Nm
Pressure on the brush35  g/cm2
Guide rod length850  mm
Frequency50  Hz
Power supply230  V
Power supply cord20  m
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications