Electric Airless Sprayer GRACO ST Max™ II PC Pro

GRACO ST MAX™ II PC Pro - Midsize range of Electric Airless Paint Sprayers for Professional Painting Contractors.
Common Characteristics
The kit can be used in construction or repair of buildings and facilities, painting of buildings from inside and outside, metal constructions.
  • The set offers exceptional mobility due to its small size and trolley options and easy settings for operation and cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles provide less cleaning time and expense for thinner.
  • The system delivers high performance, high coating quality, low paint consumption, up to 60 % economy versus cartridge, working with any type of viscosity and minimal flow ripple.
  • The motors are single-phase 220 V, "brush type".
  • Each set is equipped with Smart Control for adjusting and measuring paint flow or outlet pressure and automatic stop of the system in the absence of paint.
  • The pump works with any type of facade paints, latex, facades, enamels, primers, polyurethane or water based paints.

The kit includes a single-phase, single-phase, piston-type or trolley pump, a 15-meter high pressure hose, a 0.019 " reversible type spray gun.


ST Max™ II 395 PC Pro Stand ST Max™ II 395 PC Pro Hi Boy ST Max™ II 495 PC Pro Stand ST Max™ II 495 PC Pro Hi Boy ST Max™ II 595 PC Pro Hi Boy
Max. working pressure - bar 227 227 227 227 227
Max. fluid flow - l/min 2 2 2,3 2,3 2,6
Max. tip size - 1 gun 0,023" 0,023" 0,025" 0,025" 0,027"
Weight - kg 14 30 15 30 33
Motor rating - HP 1.0 Brushless DC 1.0 Brushless DC 1.2 Brushless DC 1.2 Brushless DC 1.6 Brushless DC
Minimum generator requirement - W 3500 3500 3750 3750 4000

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications