Telescopic Polisher Bisonte SP 900

The polisher is delivered with a plastic box for transport and a set of 6 grinding disks
The polisher is equipped with a variator for palette rotations which allows it to adapt for all tipes of surfaces
Common Characteristics
The telescopic polisher allows the grinding-finishing of walls and ceillings covered by plaster or polishing coat. It provides a fast and uniform execution.
Due to the adjustable palette and the possibility of telescoping, the polisher Sp900 can be used both for walls as well as for ceilings.
Technical Data
Engine power600  W
Electric supply230/50  V/Hz
Revolutions disk0-1000  vpm
Speed control variableда 
Expandable segmentsда 
Lenght min.1100  mm
Max total lenght2300  mm
Grinding palette diameter225  mm
Flexible adapter for connecting to the vacuumда 
Polisher weight5  kg
Bag size230/760/310  mm