Battery Glue Gun Rapid BGX500

High glue flow: up to 900 g/h
Common Characteristics
Battery-powered glue gun with really good glue flow. You can use the BGX500 to fasten cables and for decorating. It’s just as useful to have in your toolbox if you're a designer or installation technician as if you're a DIY home enthusiast. Rapid BGX500 is well-balanced, and has a 4-finger trigger designed to feel comfortable, even during intensive use. The tool's unique glue flow adjuster allows you to get the right amount of glue with each press. Exchangeable nozzles enable precision work and a wide range of application areas. With quick warm-up of the glue (3 minutes), an indicator that shows when the glue is ready to be applied, and an LED indicator that shows the battery’s charge status, you can work quickly and efficiently. Supplied in a handy protective storage and transport case which includes a 2.5Ah P4A 18V battery and a P4A 18V-20 charger. Also included is a Quick Start Guide that helps you use the tool correctly and find the right glue when it’s time for a refill. A start set of 4 long universal glue sticks is also included in the case. Rapid BGX500 is part of Bosch’s battery partnership, POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. So you can use the same battery with Rapid’s 18V products as with a number of products from brands like Bosch, Gardena, Gloria and Wagner. We recommend the P4A 2.5 Ah battery, which gives up to 2.5 hours of operating time.