3M Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape VHB 4614F 12 mm х 33 m

3M™ VHB AFT 4614 is a high performance double coated acrylic foam product which possesses a good balance between shear peel and high tack adhesion. It has been designed to be suitable for a range of bonding applications which require a level of adhesion higher than standard double coated foam tapes.
Common Characteristics
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Foam Core Acrylic
Density 960kg / m3
Thickness (ASTM D-3652) Tape 0.8 mm ± 0.1mm
Release Liner White Filmic
Tape Colour Clear
This tape is clear in colour but not optically clear
Peel Adhesion to Stainless
90? peel @ room temp, 72 hr dwell,
jaw speed 300mm/min
AFERA 4001 (modified) 24 N/10mm
Static Shear Strength 1000g @ 20 °C
weight held for 100 hours to stainless steel
with ? sq in (3.23 sq cm) overlap 500g @ 70 °C
Tem perature Performance
Continuous 90 °C
Intermittent 150 °C