3M Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape VHB 4918F 9 mm/16,5 m

3M 4918F - Double-sided tape with acrylic foam carrier 9 mm x 16.5 m.
Application: Bonding of glass, transparent plastics (e.g. advertising letters made of Plexiglas®), cast resin screen and everywhere, where high transparency is important.
Common Characteristics
VHB™ high-performance tapes for very high bonds. Instead of screwing, reveting, spot-welding etc. - even force distribution.
Colours: highly transparent
Carrier: acrylic foam
Adhesive: pure acrylic
Liner: red foil, both sides siliconised
Total thickness: 2,0 mm
Adhesion: 65,00 N/25 mm at 20°C
Temperature range: -35°C / +90°C, short periods +150° C