3М Hook&Loop Fastener SJ352B white 25 mm x 1.25 m (2x)

3M™ Hook & Loop Fastener, SJ352B, black - 3M™ Scotchmate™ reclosable fasteners offer closure alternatives to zippers, screws, snaps, hooks, bolts and more. Designed for indoor applications requiring medium temperature resistance.
Provides a firm adhesive bond to a wide variety of surfaces.
Durable for thousands of closures.
Common Characteristics
The woven hook is covered with flexible J shaped hooks, about 300 hooks per square inch(46/sq. cm.) protruding up from a woven backing. The woven loop backing is covered withthousands of soft, pliable napped loops, providing for thousands of openings and closings(cycles). The hook and loop are preshrunk to insure maximum dimensional stability and flatness.These Scotchmate reclosable hook and loop fasteners are coated on the backside with a firmsynthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive designed to function for indoor applications. Thisadhesive is especially suited for attachment to low surface energy substrates such aspolyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

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