3M Super Adhesive Aerosol Spray 77

Super 77 Adhesive Aerosol Spray 3M™ Multipurpose 709 ml
Common Characteristics
3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive is a fast, aggressive clear tack that bonds many foils, plastics, papers, metals, fabrics and cardboard. Great for keeping fabrics in place while sewing, use 3M™ Super 77 Spray Adhesive on corner patch assemblies on sails. Gluing your corner patch eliminates the chance for bubbles or uneven patches. Also use for headliner installations, gluing batting to a foam cushion, gluing fabric to wall surfaces, or holding Sunbrella in place during roller furling sun cover installation.
To Use:
Shake well. Turn spray tip so the arrow lines up with the black dot on the rim. Tip has a 3 inch spray pattern; always point the tip away from yourself and others. Hold the can 6-8 inches from the surface and spray. Spray both surfaces for added tack. Make the bond while the surfaces are still very tacky.