3M Anti-Slip tape Yellow/Black 50 mm x 20 m

3M Universal Anti-Slip Tape
The Universal self-adhesive anti-slip tape is especially used as a durable slip resistant surface for dry, wet and oily floors within industrial and commercial areas that have intensive pedestrian or light vehicle traffic. The reverse side of the tape is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive ensuring a durable and slip resistant surface. With the wide variety of applications for the anti-slip tape it is an excellent choice for use in the work place.
Common Characteristics
The product is made of non-slip aluminum oxides in a tough, durable polymer, integral with a fl exible PVC Folie.
The back is a druckempfi photosensitive adhesive. Rubber base equipped, in turn, removable by a Liner is protected. The product provides a non-slip surface ache
in a variety of applications.
Product Benefits
Safe, non-slip surface ache, Durable, easy to stick, Good adhesion to most nishes.
Applied Thickness 1,0 + | - 0,2 mm
Paper Liner 0,1 + | - 0,01 mm
Adhesion on steel afera 5001 | ISO 29862:2007 > 15,0 N | 25 mm
Elongation at break afera 5004 ISO 29864:2008 > 25%
Laying temperature range 10 ° C to 40 ° C
Servicetemberaturspanne -5 ° C to 50 ° C
Water resistance good
Slip resistance DIN 51130:10-2010 R13 | V4

Durable non-slip pad for smooth, wet or smudged
Nishes in industry and commerce with intensive passenger and
light vehicle traffic (corridors, production and storage rooms,
Ramps, stairs, ladders, Trittfl achen on machinery, etc.

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