3M Vinyl Tape Marking Yellow 471 - 50 mm x 33 m

Designed to resist wear, scrapes and moisture, this long-lasting tape is available in an array of vivid colors, as well as transparent.
Key Characteristics
• “Color throughout” resists scrapes, wear and weathering
• Colors available to help implement the 5S system
• Clean removal
• Extreme conformability and dead stretch means tape
stays locked in place
• Chemical resistant
Common Characteristics
Use For
• Durable marking of aisles and corridors in factories,
warehouses, hospitals and retail spaces
• Marking of safety hazards on walls, stairs and pipes
• Fine line paint masking
• Sealing
• High visibility splicing
• Decorative trim
• Surface protection
Technical Parameters:
Adhesive: Rubber
Backing: Vinyl
Backing Thickness& 4.1 mils (0.10mm)
Total Thickness 5.2 mils (0.13mm)
Temperature Use Range 40°F to 170°F (4°C to 77°C).

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