Grinding disc Power PA36RBF MABTOOLS 80x7.0x10 mm

The main feature of Power Grind discs is the high stock removal. This allows better performances during th most common snagging operations even on large surfaces. Main applications: maintenance, metal carpentryl, metal constuction, auto bodies industry, rails, tanks, shipyards, pipelines for gas and oil, ceneral use on metals,
Main features: Versatility, High stock removal, Comfort of use, Long life, Great quality/ price ratio, oSa certifie
Common Characteristics
Mabtools power grind discs have been designed and manufacured to provide the best snagging performances on ferrous metals, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Power range has been designed to be versatile, paying paricular attention to materials and applications. Discs are manufactured using top quality European raw materials, corundum and silicon carbide, mixed with resin bonds and special fillers. The fiberglass reinforce nets are selected for their quality and strength, resulting in maximum dafety when wsing disc.
Technical Data
applicationстомана  M
specificationPA  S
grit36  P
shape27  T
diameter80  mm
thickness7.0  mm
bore10  mm