Advantages: heat-treated aluminum oxide grain; latex fiber reinforced paper; uncoated water-based coating; No Pigment in No-Fi; flexible and colorful self-adhesive foam; multi-hole configuration; color coded discs; faster shear rate; improved productivity; flexible and tear-resistant; improved load resistance; there is no risk of color transfer; allows grinding of the contour without cutting; maximum dust extraction to clean the work surface; easy identification of the product
Common Characteristics
Soft-Touch Multi-Air drives have a soft foam pad with high performance and extremely long life. The foam layer absorbs any surface difference without cutting the paint layer, maintaining excellent cutting performance to a very high level. In addition, the original Soft-Touch system is designed to provide a solution for every application. The foam pad is color coded to help identify the disc needed for each grinding operation.
Technical Data
diameter150  mm
bore18  mm
grit400  P