LOCTITE SI 5970 BK, 50ml

LOCTITE SI 5970 has been designed specifically for gasketing applications.
Common Characteristics
It withstands on line, low pressure tests carried out before product begins to cure. Typical applications include stamped sheet metal covers (timing covers and oil sumps) where good oil resistance and the ability to withstand high joint-movement is required.
Technology: Silicone
Chemical Type: Alkoxy silicone
Appearance (uncured): Black pasteLMS
Components: One component, requires no mixing
Thixotropic: Reduced migration of liquid product after application to substrate
Cure: Room temperature vulcanizing (RTV)
Application: Gasketing
Specific Benefits" Excellent resistance to automotive engine oils
Technical Data
Chemical basisSilicone 
Tensile shear strength1.5  Nm
Extrusion rate40-80  g/min
Skin-over time25  min
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications