Cargo Trolley with Drawbar 8 t

For moving machines and equipment. Fixed drawbar, which enables easy moving of the items. The drawbar has an eye for e.g. hook mounting. Rubber surface on the trolley ensures good friction between the item and the skate. The skate is jointed for ensuring easy turning. Note only for indoor use on flat and clean surface.
Common Characteristics
When using this trolley, please follow the operating steps below:
1. Choose the cargo in appropriate size and weight to load according to the trolley’s capacity.
2. Place the trolley in appropriate place where it’s easy to move the cargo onto the trolley.
3. Lift and lower the cargo slowly onto the trolley, making sure the cargo stays steadily on the trolley. Then push the cargo itself to move the trolley.
Technical Data
Working load limit8  t
Height110  mm
Width610  mm
Length520  mm
Wheel diam.80x70x20  mm
Turning table diam.160  mm
Weight41  kg

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