Hot Water Hight-pressure Cleaner Karcher HDS 10/20 -4M (MX)

HDS 10/20-4 M – the most powerful 3-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner in the Karcher middle class. With 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor, 2 cleaning agent tanks, service electronics.

The MX model has an integrated pressure hose reel.
Common Characteristics
Uncompromising across the board: maximum pressure, maximum flow rate. The HDS 10/20-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner is the most powerful machine in the Karcher middle class. An innovative eco!efficiency mode as well as a precise cleaning agent dosing unit and the optimised burner engineering reduce environmental pollution and also benefit your wallet, whereas the patented nozzle technology, ceramic piston, turbo blower as well as the excellent pump efficiency ensure the best cleaning results. The operability, which is characterised for example by an intuitive dashboard, LED displays, as well as a clever mobility concept that makes handling the machine and its transport extremely easy is also optimal. What's more all service and maintenance work is also simple as all components are easily accessible and operating data can be called up easily at any time.


Spray gun, EASY!Force Advanced
High-pressure hose, 10 m
Spray lance, 1050 mm
Power nozzle
Tanks for cleaning agent, calcification protection and fuel can be filled from the outside
Control panel with display light
Pressure cut-off
Pole reverse plug (3-phase)
Service electronics with LED display
Two detergent tanks
Dry-running protection
Technical Data
Dimensions1330 x 750 x 1060  mm
Power7.8  kW
Power supply3 - 400 - 50  Ph/V/Hz
Working pressure30 - 200 / 3 - 20  bar/Mpa
Flow rate 500 - 1000  l/h
Weight168  kg
Max. temperature (supply 12°C)80 - 155  °C
Heating oil or gas consumption, full load6.4  kg/h
Power cable5  m
Fuel tank25  l
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications