Ultrasonic Cleaning Device ELMA Elmasonic Denta Pro

Specially developed for the tasks in the dental area.
Ultrasonic cleaning unit with 2.75 l maximum filling volume.
Common Characteristics
Programmed professional ultrasonic cleaning.
The Elmasonic Denta Pro as variant of the Elmasonic S 30 has been specially developed for the tasks in the dental area.
In contrast to the Elmasonic S machine series, preset programs here make the daily work easier and guarantee a standardised cleaning process for each cleaning cycle. For example, the overtemperature protection switches off the heater in good time and prevents the hardening of the blood proteins.
Elma presents the first ultrasonic cleaning unit worldwide with pre - set cleaning programmes for the dental practice.
The setting of the parameters such as cleaning time, temperature, Sweep, Degas, etc. is no longer necessary.
Instead the operator selects the requested programme and simply presses the „Start“ key. This facilitates the daily routine cleaning jobs and improves the results.
Elmasonic Denta Pro – convenience for the user, quality for the result.
Product features :
Efficient 37 kHz ultrasonic high - performance transducer.
Cleaning tank made of cavitation - resistant stainless steel.
User - friendly and clearly arranged operating panel, sealed against water to protect the electronics.
Perfect application of all cleaning parameters through cleaning programmes, no specific knowledge of operating.
Modes such as Sweep, Degas or Boost required.
Safe and standardized cleaning process in each cleaning cycle.
Additional key for extreme contaminations or for the cleaning of a very large number of pieces.
Overheating protection, automatic switch - off at 41°C to prevent the coagulation of the proteins in the blood.
Additional Sweep mode with modulated frequences for an optimized sound field distribution.
Degas mode.
Run dry safe heating.
LED display to indicate set and actual temperature of the cleaning liquid.
Removable mains cable with rubber input connector.
Drain duct for an easy draining of the cleaning liquid on the back of the unit with turning knob on the unit side.
Ergonomically shaped plastic handles.
Technical Data
Mains voltage220-240  V
Ultrasonic frequency37  kHz
Max. filling volume tank2.75  l
Power consumption total H280  W
Unit outer dimensions300 / 179 / 214  mm
Tank internal dimensions240 / 137 / 100  mm
Weight3.3  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications