Bandsaw Machines BEHRINGER

High-performance band saws for the steel and metalworking industry. Machines, automatic systems and peripheral equipment.
Common Characteristics

Behringer, Germany

  • Horizontal Bandsaws.
  • Plate, Mitre Saws & Power Hacksaws.
  • Heavy-duty horizontal automatic and semi- automatic bandsaws.
  • Complete sawing systems.

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The Behringer Consortium includes and:

Behringer Eisele, Germany
Circular Cold Saws
High throughput manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic CNC circular cold saws. In-feed, output and material handling systems. More ...

Vernet Behringer, France
Structural Fabricating Equipment
High performance drilling, punching, shearing, notching and marking machines. Beam coping, and drilling and sawing lines. More ...


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