Cutting Machine Eckert ONYX

The modern construction and innovative technology solutions - unique ergonomics of work and the attractive design.
Common Characteristics

During designing of the plasma-oxygen cutter Onyx there were used some modern solutions of construction and mechanics. They ensured the best efficiency and the attractive, innovating look. Modified bridge construction makes it more rigid and resistant for high temperature. It is very important, especially during even 300 mm thick materials cutting. The unique combination of safety systems used in plasma-oxygen cutter Onyx ensure the highest comfort and the best level of safety for machine operators and people around them.

Main Features

  • Plasma Vortex 3D FL head ensure the best precision of automatic 3D cutting of plates, tubes and profiles.
  • More bridge rigid make possible to cut 1-300 mm thickness plates.
  • Modern i-Vision controller installed on moving arm delivers the unique ergonomic and comfortable work.
  • Modified drive system ensures clear X axle positioning during dynamic cutting.
  • Power LED lighting and light curtains warrants safe work.
  • Perfect scores thanks of greater base of predefined plasma and oxygen cutting parameters.
  • Integrated modules inside of the machine make better resistance for adverse influences from cutting process.
  • Onyx has Hypertherm® True Hole™ certificate and Kjellberg® Contour Cut™ technology.

Product of ECKERT, Poland



Vortex 3D FL Head - the fully automated plasma cutting head enables very precise bevelling and chamfering in a single sheet cutting process. Angle of rotation +/- 540° and head angle deflection +/- 47°, makes our cutting machine a universal tool able to work in three dimensions together with preparing welding phases on Y, V and K. Vortex 3D cutting head is equipped with sensors: anti-collision, electrical/mechanical touch and height sensor. This allows using technologies such as: Contour Cut®, Contour Cut Speed®, Diameter Pro® and True Hole®.



Oxygen torch is the cutting solution destined to cut structural low-carbon and low-alloy steel. It is capable of processing wide range of material thickness. The torch was fitted out the height sensor, automatic ignition and possibility of manual angle setting.



Modular section suction tables grant efficient elimination of dust during the cutting process. The cutting machine was implemented with the self-supporting construction as the base for the frame with replaceable grids. Such construction offers safe and the best possible safety and performance of the table. The cutting table is provided with intelligent system of dust discharge from the cutting area. Each segment consists of supporting structure with discharge channels, diagonal gird, scrap tank and pneumatic controlled channels.



The most modern i-Vision Controller is the high quality industry machine has Corning® Gorilla® Glass's touchscreen. Efficient parts and the strong construction ensure reliability Onyx working. Many functions of own software and simple controller’s interface let to use all of machine’s possibilities. Controller’s place on the moving arm delivers the unique comfort and safety of machines operator. It make also possible to watching the cutting process and controller’s using at the same moment.



The Onyx construction is made of closed profiles with large cross-sections. Integration of cabling and controlling elements inside the machine ensures more agility and less risk for destroying because of high temperature or other factors during the cutting. The size of guiding trolleys, specially prepared roadway and using double linear guides efficiently make the machine stable and deliver the best safety and accuracy.


Technical Data
DrivesServo AC 
Cutting width2000 - 7000   mm
Basic working lengthAny length from 1500   mm
Positioning speed25000  mm/min
Cutting thicknessto 300   mm
Cutting qualityDIN-EN ISO 9013 
Positioning accuracyDIN-EN 28206 
Cutting table height740 - 760   mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications