Exact PipeCut P400 System

Exact PipeCut P400 System. Perfect for cutting and beveling plastic pipes.
Common Characteristics
Exact PipeCut P400 System
Cut and bevel plastic pipes in one process. Unique method for plastic pipe installations. You just need to cut around a pipe and you get nice 15 degrees bevel at the same time. You can use the PipeCut P400 saw also only for cutting or only for just to bevel plastic pipes.
The price includes:
1. PipeCut Bag 1
2. Exact PipeCut P400 pipe saw
3. Pipe Support 2x P400 Single + P400 Double
4. Operating instructions
5. DVD video disc including instructions
6. Hex socket key 5 mm fitted to the machine
7. TCT P150 blade fitted to the machine
8. Cut Bevel blade
Technical Data
Pipe O (OD)100–400 (3.9-15.7)  mm(“)
Wall thickness25 (0.98) cut, 22 (0.86) c.b.  mm(“)
Voltage / Power230 / 1010  V/W
Voltage / Current110, 120 / 8.4  V/A
No-Load speed4000  r/min
Blade diameter148/150 (5.8/5.9)  mm(“)
Mounting bore62 (2.44)  mm(”)
Weight6,0 (13)  kg(lbs)
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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