Pipe cutting system 220 E

Power plus a wide cutting capacity with PipeCut 220E. Useful for metal and plastic pipes.
Common Characteristics
Power plus a wide cutting capacity with PipeCut 220E. It can be used for cutting both metal and plastic pipes; the machine has adjustable motor speed and contant torque. Because of its robust design it is ideal for use in both the workshop or on site for a multitude of different pipe applications. The price includes:
1. PipeCut Bag 3
2. Exact PipeCut 220E pipe saw
3. Pipe Support 280, 4pcs
4. Operating instructions
5. Hex socket key 5 mm and 2 mm fitted to the machine
6. TCT 140 blade fitted to the machine
7. DVD video disc including instructions
Technical Data
Pipe O (OD)15 – 220 (0.6- 8.6)  mm(“)
Wall thickness6 (0.23) st, 14 (0.55) pl  mm(“)
Loading capacity of supports314, (692), 4 supports  kg(lbs)
Voltage / Power230 / 1200  V/W
Voltage / Current110, 120 / 9.2  V/A
No-Load speed1600 - 3500  r/min
Blade diameter140 (5.51)  mm(“)
Mounting bore62 (2.44)  mm(”)
Weight6,0 (13)  kg(lbs)

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