Bevelling machineTAG-PIPE PREP 4

Bevelling machine PREP 4
Common Characteristics
The PREP 4 is most popular, robust and powerful machine for bevelling of pipes with diameter 23 to 112 mm. It is available with electric and pneumatic drive or battery. A 4 jaw tool holder (chuck) allows use of up to 4 insert or form tools to enable bevelling of heavy wall pipe & tube, simultaneous external, internal and facing of tubes can be performed with ease for accure repatitive work.
Technical Data
Locking tube range23-112  mm
Recommended working range1-4  inch
Idle speed5-82  rpm
Torgue19.7/ 193+  kgm/nm
Length of axial feed40.5  mm
Max acoustic radiation75  dB
Max operating temperature55  C°
Weight10.4  kg
Motor power1300  W
Voltage220  V
Frequency50-60  Hz