Mono-spindle Profile Drilling Machine Vernet Behringer KBA40

The ideal solution for light-metal fabricating workshops.
Common Characteristics

KBA 40 enables an economic drilling and taping. Henceforth, preliminary manual measuring, tracing and scoring of holes positions are not required anymore. When the machine is operating; it is possible to prepare the next program. It is also possible to work in multi-parts mode. Selection of the program, loading of the parts to be processed… and that’s all! The parts are easily gripped in the clamps and the KBA 40 does the rest.

Product of Vernet Behringer, France

Technical Data
Max. drilling diameter (S355)Ø 40  mm
Max. tappingM30 
Spindle power7.5  kW
Rotation speed of the spindle0 - 3000  RPM
Spindle attachmentSK40 
X-axis stroke3300 → 18900  mm
Max. speed (X-axis)20  m/min
Y-axis stroke400  mm
Max. speed (Y-axis)10   m/min
Z-axis stroke400  mm
Max. speed (Z-axis)5  m/min
Height of the table825  mm
Pneumatic clamping of parts√ 
Easy control with touch screen√ 
Chips-breaking cycle√ 
PRONC2 3D programming software√ 
On-board tool changeroption 10 Ø