Ideal for professional operations, Power flap discs are the best solution with versatility and efficiency. Available for angle grinders, lamellar discs with a grain size of 40 to 120 are used for operations on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.
Disc pads are available in fiberglass and plastic.
Common Characteristics
The Power Series flaps are used for polishing and finishing. These discs are distinguished by their power, superior performance and cost / performance ratio. They are designed and manufactured in Italy according to the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure maximum security. Only the best raw materials with modern and high-tech processes are used during production. Main applications: maintenance, metal carpentry, metal construction, auto bodies industry, rail, tanks, shipyards, pipelines for gas nad oil, surface finishing
Technical Data
applicationстомана  M
specificationZZ  S
grit80  P
diameter125  mm
bore22.23  mm

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