Secateurs, holster and carbide sharpener BAHCO GIFTPACK18PXM2

GiftPack bypass secateurs with fixed handles with cutting capacity up to 20 mm diameter, Holster for secateurs and Carbide sharpener.
Common Characteristics
Bypass secateurs with fixed handles PX-M2
- Size of cutting head adapted to the task to be performed
- Vertical and lateral inclinations of cutting head allow pruning with a straight wrist
- Grinding process
- PX handles made of composite material with soft rubber on upper part
- Shape and size of handles adapted to the size of the hand
- Size M
- Cutting capacity: diameter 20 mm
- Spare parts available
Holster for secateurs PROF-H
- 2 belt slits to fit any belt up to 50 mm width
- Top quality leather, studded and stitched
- Steel belt clip feature
Carbide sharpener SHARP-X
- To re-sharpen all kinds of blades
- Two-component handle for comfortable use
- Very safe with 2 side projections to avoid fingers slipping down to the cutting edge of the blade
- 2 carbide edges for easy and long-lasting use