Hose for propane GCE Ф8 mm

It suits for operating pressure up to 20 bar.
Common Characteristics
Rubber hose for use with Propane/Butane in cutting and welding and allied processes.
Suitable for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Methylacetylene-propadiene (MPS) gas, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
Inner tube: Synthetic rubber resistant to LPG and Propane/Butane gases
Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic textile
External cover: Orange synthetic rubber resistant to abrasion and weather
Smooth surface
Temperature: -20° C / +60° C
Safety factor: 3 : 1
Marking: In compliance with the below mentioned standard.
Working pressure: 20 bar
Bursting pressure: 60 bar
Standards: ISO 3821