Handheld laser welding machine Senfeng SF 2000 HWM

The Senfeng's SF2000HWM handhelded laser welding machine is characterized by high welding speed compared to traditional methods and low energy consumption.
Common Characteristics
Fiber Laser Welding is a welding technology used to join several metal components with fiber laser. Fiber laser produces a beam of high-intensity that is concentrated into one spot. This concentrated heat source enables fine, deep welding and high welding speed.
Advantages- Handheld laser welding machine
High Efficiency
Increased by 2 to 10 times
High Quality
Smooth welding seam,without subsequent grinding
Low Cost
Save at least 2 welders
80% to 90% power savings
Flexible Operation
360 degree flexible movement no need experience can do a good job.
Technical Data
Laser Power2  kW
Laser Wave Length1080  nm
Welding Speed0-120  mm/s
Welding Gap1/5 от дебелината на детайла 
Welding range mild steel0.5-5  mm
Welding range stainless steel0.5-5  mm
Welding range aluminium0.5-4  mm
Cooling modeВодно 
Fiber Length10  m
Power supply380/50  V/Hz