ESAB Aristo MIG 4004i pulse U6

Aristo MIG 4004i pulse U6 set : Aristo™ Mig 4004i Pulse, Aristo Feed 3004W U6, water cooler COOL1, trolley, PSF410W 4,5m and connection cable.
Common Characteristics
• High Duty Cycle – suitable for long runs
• Wide mains input tolerance: 380 - 440 V +/- 10%
• Generator compatible – for on site use
• Pre-programmed synergic lines to ensure optimum settings with a wide choice of materials, wire dimensions and gas combinations.
• Memory fo 10 welding schedules
• Creep start, gas pre-flow and hot start provide a soft and more direct start with less spatter
• Crater filling adjustable burn-back time and post gas
• Standby Function – energy saving system

• MIG/MAG pulse-type welding or professional MMA welding
• QSet™ Parameter automation
• Preprogrammed synergic lines
• 2 / 4 stroke torch switch actions
• End crater filling
• Creep start, Hot Start and wire burn-back time that can be set
• Gas pre- and post-flow can be set
• Gas test and tension-free wire feed
• 10 memory slots
• Limit value assignment, password protection
Technical Data
Mains supply380-440/3  V/Ph
Fuse20  A
Setting range16 - 400  A
Setting range, MMA16 - 400  A
Setting range, TIG4 - 400  A
Maximum output 60% duty cycle400  A
Maximum output 100% duty cycle300  A
Enclosure classIP23 
Dimensions, LxWxH610 250 x 445  mm x mm x mm
Weight58  kg
Mild steels0.6-1.6  mm
Stainless steels0.6-1.6  mm
Cored wires1.2-1.6  mm
Aluminium1.0-1.6  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications