Compact Inverter SELCO QUASAR 320 SMC with CLASSIC panel
Common Characteristics
Advanced inverter technology power source for superior arc performance
High power at 100% of duty cycle
Heavy duty and enviromental conditions, high service life
Selco CAN fieldbus digital communication protocol system (very high speed and high reliability digital communication)
Air flow ducting and fully encapsulated PC board to avoid dust contamination
Built-in wire feeder unit (2 rolls drive)
O 200/300 mm wire spool compatible
Arc dynamic adjustment
Last job settings auto-storage at switch-off
2/4 step operating mode
Perfect arc ignition (soft start - motor slope)
Wire speed (0,5-22,0 m/min) (Quasar 320/400 SMC Classic)
Spot welding mode
Push-pull torch device
Remote control compatible
Selco WU cooling unit compatible
Controlled cooling operations
Technical Data
3х400  V
20  A
3-320  A
320  А
280  А
240  А
23  S
620х240х460  mm
33  kg