Compact welding inverter for MMA BOHLER URANOS 1500DP with suitcase

The new URANOS 1500 DP is a comfortable and compact machine of a new generation, designed for MMA and TIG DC with "Lift Start". It is characterized by precise welding with high speed and dynamic arc control. Ideal for welding carbon and stainless steels and cast iron.
Common Characteristics
• High service life when working in harsh environmental conditions.
• Small size with compact construction.
• High temperature, shockproof, wear-resistant plastic housing.
• Air flow duct and fully encapsulated, dust-proof board.
• Linear controlled cooling fan.
• Excellent performance, with long power cords.
• Built-in Hot Start, Arc Force and Antisticking functions.
• Digital control with easy-to-control digital display of welding parameters.

URANOS 1500 DP with digital 7-segment display - the perfect device that raises manual electric arc welding to a higher level. Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, allowing you to quickly set the right parameters for high-demand applications where accurate Hot Start, Arc Force and welding current values can play a key role.
Holding down the setting button (6) for 5 seconds opens a menu with access to parameters such as Arc detachment voltage, MMA synergy and Dynamic power control.
With its unique weight of 2.6 kg and 150 A at 30% PV (40?C), the URANOS 1500 DP is the most powerful REDZ machine on the market that can compensate for a power cord length of up to 100 m.
All URANOS machines are delivered as standard with the new iPanel. The wide (3.5 ”or 4.7”) graphic display offers a unique, easy-to-use interface.
URANOS machines are equipped with patented green @ wave® technology. This allows extremely economical operation with optimized power consumption, saving up to 35% compared to standard welding equipment.

The set includes a suitcase with:
welding machine
electrode holder
cable table
brush / hammer
manual welding mask
20 pcs. welding electrodes
Technical Data
Voltage (50/60 Hz)230  V
Slow blow line fuse16  A
Adjustment range MMA5-150  A
Adjustment range TIG5-150  A
Duty cycle MMA - 30 %150  A
Duty cycle MMA - 60 %125  A
Duty cycle MMA - 100 %110  A
Duty cycle TIG - 35 %150  A
Duty cycle TIG - 60 %125  A
Duty cycle TIG - 100 %110  A
IP protection rate23  S
Dimensions260х120х190  mm
Weight2.6  kg