Power source MATRIX 3000 HF

MATRIX 3000 HF is a powerful and compact inverter power supply, of the latest generation, based on the evolutionary IGBT inverter technology.
Common Characteristics
The TIG power supply has a high-frequency arc ignition.
The MATRIX 3000 HF is equipped with a user-friendly control panel with a digital display. The basic welding functions are easily regulated. Works only with direct current.
Suitable for welding non-alloy and stainless steels, copper and its alloys.
MATRIX 3000 HF has excellent performance for REDZ welding with basic, rutile and cellulose electrodes. The hot start and the arc force can be adjusted.

"Multi-coldTACK" function - provides precise and safe spot welding, minimum amount of energy input through fast, consistent, cold spot welding. Thanks to the "Perfect-Point", "coldTACK" function, precise positioning of the spot welds is obtained.
"EASY PULSE" function Pulse TIG welding allows better control of the arc and deformation of the part. The ability to select a high value of the pulse frequency (up to 500 Hz) allows to achieve a more concentrated arc cone, ideal for welding thin materials. The "EASY PULSE" function, depending on the selected peak current, will generate synergistically, in a simple and automatic way, both a suitable pulse frequency (between 0.5 and 500 Hz) and a base current. Pre-selected pulse parameter values will save setup time by providing the best possible combination of pulse parameters, ideal for less skilled welders / operators.
Technical Data
Input Voltage 50/60 Hz400  V
Input Power @ I2 MaxВИГ – 9,9,1-9,2  kVA
Delayed Fuse (l eff)10  A
Power Factor / cos ф0,95 / 0,99 
Efficiency Degree0,87 
Open circuit voltage100  V
Current range5-300  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% TIG210  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% TIG250  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% TIG300 (35%)  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 100% MMA200  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) 60% MMA230  A
Duty cycle at (40°C) X% MMA270 (35%)  A
Protection Class23  IP
Dimensions495x185x390  mm
Weight17.5  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications