Welding machine CEA QUBOX 400

QUBOX and QUBOX PULSE series multiprocess equipment are characterized by a synergic digital control and inverter technology integrated into a sturdy and functional metallic structure, with a separate wire feeder.
Common Characteristics
Technologically advanced, robust and easy-to-use, they allow high quality welding in MMA, TIG with “Lift” mode, MIG-MAG and with the QUBOX PULSE models, also in PULSED MIG.
QUBOX and QUBOX PULSED equipment also allow less experienced operators to easily adjust all welding parameters in an intuitive way.
Once the wished program has been selected, the welding control automatically sets the best parameters based on the material type, wire diameter and gas being used, result of CEA’s know-how acquired in 70 years’ experience. These power sources represent the best choice in all industrial fields for all qualified applications requiring high precision and repeatability of the welding results, such as medium and large fabrication work, shipyards and steel erection.

Parameter control directly from the wire feeder
Digital control of the welding parameters with synergic cur ves preset according to used type of material, gas and wire diameter
Ability to store personalized welding parameters up to 99 JOBS
Smart PROGRAM” key for quickly selecting any program
Feeding mechanism with 4 rolls of large diameter for a precise and constant wire driving
Double g roove rolls replaceable without any tool
Energy saving” function to operate the power source cooling fan and torch water cooling only when necessary
Excellent arc striking always precise and efficient
Ability to partially or totally lock the equipment with access key by password
Reduced energy consumption
Great robustness due to solid metallic main structure
Control rack protection cover on the wire feeder
Initial and final crater control
VRD – Voltage Reduction Device
WSC - WIRE START CONTROL - WSC wire start control prevents any possible wire sticking to the workpiece or torch nozzle, by always ensuring a precise and “soft” arc striking.
Technical Data
400  V
32  A
10-400  A
10-400  A
400  A
350  A
400  А
350  А
400  А
350  А
23  S
1030х950х515  mm
70  kg