Inverter ESAB Origo Tig 3000iw AC/DC TA34

OrigoTig3000i AC/DCTA24, CoolMidi 1800 и ТXH251
Common Characteristics
• Professional TIG AC/DC welding
• Qwave™ - quiet and highly dynamic AC arc
• ArcPlus™ regulation, HotStart, ArcForce can be set and switchable polarity (DC)
• IP 23 protection - for work outdoors
• Energy-saving mode after welding is interrupted
• Digital display
• Protection against overtemperatures
• ELP, ESAB LogicPump, automatically switches the water cooling

• Graphic illustration of the course of the process
• High frequency and LiftArc™ striking
• 2 / 4 stroke torch switch action
• AC frequency and balance monitoring optimizes the weld pool
• TIG pulse-welding with DC
• DC micro-pulses up to 0.001 s
• Electrode preheating for better striking and longer life of the electrodes in AC welding
• Current slope up / slope down can be set
• Gas pre-flow / post-flow time can be set
• Parameter storage (2x), can also be called up during welding via the torch button
• Minimum current setting for remote controller
• Can be controlled remotely / digital display
Technical Data
Mains supply400/3  V/Ph
Fuse20  A
Setting range, MMA16 300  A
Setting range, TIG4 - 300  A
Maximum output 35% duty cycle300  A
Maximum output 60% duty cycle240  A
Maximum output 100% duty cycle200  A
Enclosure classIP23 
Dimensions, LxWxH652 x 412 x 423  mm x mm x mm
Weight42  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications