Inverter ESAB Origo Tig 3001iW TA24

ESAB Origo Tig 3001iW TA24
Common Characteristics
• Pulsed TIG welding- easy control of heat input and the weld pool.
• ESAB 2-program function –provides the opportunity to pre-program and change program during actual welding for increased productivity.
• Strong and reliable 300 A inverter power block- one machine for all types of demanding applications.
• Easy to use- All parameters presented in an easy to understand way.
• HF or LiftArc™ start in TIG.
• MMA welding – Handles all electrodes up to 5 mm.
• ArcPlus™ II – better welding characteristics in MMA, simplifies your work and gives you better weld quality with less after treatment.
• True MMA welding – Hot start and Arc force setting.
Technical Data
Mains supply400/3  V/Ph
Fuse16  A
Setting range, TIG4 - 300  A
Maximum output 35% duty cycle300/22  A
Maximum output 60% duty cycle240/19.6  A
Maximum output 100% duty cycle200/18  A
Enclosure classIP23 
Dimensions, LxWxH652 x 249 x 423  mm x mm x mm
Weight33.5  kg