Inverter SELCO Quasar 270 TLH

Common Characteristics
The Quasar 270 TLH is a simple and reliable threephase
power source for TIG DC and electrode
welding. Arc generation is based on tried and tested
inverter technology, and dimensions are particularly
compact thanks to the Three-Level® power platform.
The entire welding process is digitally controlled by a
DSP microprocessor.
This new power source incorporates a VRD (voltage
reduction device) to reduce no-load voltage in
hazardous environment. Advanced ergonomics and
one of the lowest weights in its class make the Quasar
270 TLH easy to use, versatile and extremely portable.
The same innovative design and technology as the
Genesis range make Quasar power sources robust,
user friendly and technically advanced, with all the
essential functions for efficient and continuous
operation. Welding is believing.
The Quasar 270 TLH is equipped with a new control panel that
is simpler and more intuitive to use, yet still offers you all the
benefits of Selco technology. You can set all welding parameters
using just one dual purpose control knob. Buttons on the left
of the panel let you select the welding process and TIG torch
mode. The control panel also lets you choose the type of TIG
welding current (constant, pulse or fast pulse). You can even
select welding programmes for standard and special electrodes
in MMA mode. The control panel incorporates a LED that shows
when the VRD is active.
The Quasar 270 TLH system can be combined with
accessories which further increase the system’s
capacity and efficiency, including a full range of
remote controls for regulation and control of the
power source from a remote position.
Technical Data
Voltage (50/60 Hz)3х400  V
Slow blow line fuse16  A
Adjustment range TIG3-270  A
Duty cycle MMA - 40 %270  A
Duty cycle MMA - 60 %255  A
Duty cycle MMA - 100 %240  A
Duty cycle TIG - 60 %270  A
Duty cycle TIG - 100 %250  A
IP protection rate23  S
Dimensions500х190х400  mm
Weight16.1  kg