Products, offered by Kammarton Bulgaria, are structured into 8 commercial departments:

  • Welding and cutting consumables and equipment
  • Woodworking and furniture
  • Industry tools and consumables
  • Means of personal protection and safety
  • Pump systems and equipment
  • Warehouse equipment and packaging
  • Industrial technics and construction equipment
  • Painting equipment

Each supplier of products for Kammarton Bulgaria makes a detailed training to show to our product experts and employees specific applications of the goods offered. In this way our product specialists are ready to help customers choose the right and most suitable products for each specific requirements.

Salespeople in regional offices are those who are in daily contact with customers, thus getting acquainted with their production and giving advice about the required machines and consumables.

Twice a week regional warehouses receive products ordered from the central warehouse in Sofia. In case the goods are urgently required, couriers can deliver them same day directly to the customer.

Kammarton Bulgaria also offers its customers to rent for some period industrial machines, thus giving them the opportunity to solve temporary technological problems or simply to be convinced in practice about capacity and characteristics of the equipment before buying it.