APACH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - new partner of "Kammarton Bulgaria"


APACH INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of pneumatic and mechanical tools for nailing, assembling and packaging - coil nailers, framing nailers, finish nailers, staplers, pliers, bottomers, carton closing tools.

APACH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. designs each product with a strong commitment to innovation to meet the special requirements of customers, insists on strict durability testing of every piece of key components and parts, as well as rigid pre-delivery inspections of finished products.

APACH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. are durable and can endure under harsh working environments in construction, pre-fabricated housing, pallets, furniture, upholstery, fencing and carton closing … therefore are highly recognized and sought-after by professionals worldwide.
APACH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a globally known brand with ISO9001 certificate (QMI).