COVID-19-related Safeguards

Dear clients,

The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our main priority and we follow all requirements to minimize any health risks to our employees and customers and to limit spreading of the coronavirus COVID-19.

In such an emergency, we, Kammarton Bulgaria do our best to deliver the products you need. The service to you, our customers, is provided under the following conditions:

We accept orders by phone and e-mails, (contacts given below) and you will be able to receive the goods at our offices, by courier or delivery to your warehouse if possible and with a certain schedule.

You can visit us on the place, we are acting in compliance with all safety measures to avoid spreading of the Covid-19.

All our employees have written instructions about the importance of personal hygiene and behaviour towards external personnel. These instructions are referring at washing as often as possible with soap, using specialized antibacterial solutions put at their disposal by our company, using gloves and face masks, restraining as much as possible to have direct contact with outside people during working hours.

All our entrances have equiped places where the outside people can disinfect their hands.

We are well prepared to meet these challenging times and work hard to put the safety of both people and our and your business at the forefront. Our management remains constantly updated with the official channels and we will send you immediately any corrections of this communication in case of any variations.


Sofia: 02 9266060,

Blagoevgrad: 073 830144,

Burgas: 056 816161,

Varna: 052 735822,

Vraca: 092 660597,

Gabrovo: 066 809076,

Novi Pazar: 0537 23327,

Pleven: 064 830099,

Plovdiv: 032 231020,

Russe: 082 872411,

Svishtov: 0631 41112,

Sliven: 044 622989,

Smolyan: 0301 63836,

Stara Zagora: 042 638374,

Troyan: 0670 62099,

Haskovo: 038 623229,