ECKERT Proposal

Our partner ECKERT AS Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of CNC machines for automated plasma, oxygen and water cutting, again pleasantly surprises us with a special offer: when you buy an ECKERT portal machine you will get a filter system at a much lower price!

Save 5000 EUR Now!

The offer is valid until 30. 06. 2022 - contact us for details.


A filtering unit is a crucial element of CNC cutting machine equipment. Its main task is to absorb and filter fumes and dust produced while thermal cutting and then deliver fresh air to a particular space. Clean air at the production hall stands for clean air passages of workers, and what a hence - reduced risk of disease. An important aspect, often omitted while speaking of ventilation, is the issue of the condition of machines and additional equipment. Few are aware that dust, fumes, and pollution wander in the air to finally settle on all parts of the machine, gradually leading to worse and worse efficiency. And as a result, failures, and downtimes. What is unequivocally related to additional expenses.

Meanwhile, it is possible to smoothly avoid expenses and make additional savings thanks to a well-thought-out summer/winter switch. Instead of disposing of artificially heated air outside in the fall and winter, it can be recovered and turned into an advantage. Recuperation systems don't cooperate with pollution, but (!) thanks to a fan, they can be cleaned up and re-circulated. It results in enormous savings of thermal energy!

Filtering units positively affect the environment because preventing air pollution outside the building.

When choosing an Eckert PFC filtering unit, you choose:

  • employees' health
  • the eco-logic air exchange system
  • boosted cutting process
  • the extended service life of the machine and consumables
  • possibility of heating with air generated while cutting thanks to the summer/winter switch

Additionally, the spark extinguish system guarantees safety and extends the lifespan of filter cartridges.

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